Oil Change Service

Why Get an Oil Change at Our INFINITI Dealership?

Since their introduction, INFINITI vehicles have been all about enjoying luxurious performance. Our vehicles push the envelope under the hood about as much as they do in their world-class cabins. But isn't an engine, an engine? Isn't oil just oil? Can't you go anywhere for an oil change? When it comes to your vehicle, you should come to our INFINITI service center for all of your oil change service needs.

INFINITI engines have numerous patents for innovative technologies. When you get service at a quick-lube or non-dealership establishment, you run the risk of improper service. If your vehicle experiences damage from inferior materials or workmanship, you risk voiding your factory warranty. We recommend use our INFINITI service coupons and save on maintenance right here, where you know that you're always in good hands.

When Do I Need an INFINITI Oil Change?

There are many different types of INFINITI vehicles out there, and your oil change interval is specified in your owner's manual. If you do not have one, you can give one of our friendly advisers a call and they'll get you back on track. Regular intervals typically range between 3,000 and 10,000 miles (depending on your car's year and model) however, there's a reason why the owner's manual says "recommended service interval."

Many variables might require you to come see us sooner for oil service. Be on the lookout for gritty black engine oil. When new, all motor oil should resemble a light honey color. If your oil is dark brown or black or if there is not enough of it, make an INFINITI oil change appointment.

If you have a vehicle equipped with a maintenance reminder, you might get an alert when it's time to see us for your next INFINITI oil change, but don't rely just on that. If you live in an area with climate swings, or if you tow and your engine sounds a bit louder than usual, you should come and see us for a service. Dirty oil can also decrease your ability to accelerate and reduce your gas mileage, so stopping by will save you money at the pump as well as on future engine repairs.

INFINITI Oil Change Service FAQ

How Often Does My INFINITI Need an Oil Change?

It's always best to consult your owner's manual or the advice from our service representatives. Most INFINITI vehicles will require service anywhere from 3,000 miles to 10,000 miles. However, you should also be on the watch for a leak, often noticeable by dark puddles where you park your car or smoke from the engine.

What Type of Oil Does My INFINITI Use?

Full synthetic genuine INFINITI motor oil is used to service late-model vehicles. Earlier INFINITI vehicles might use a synthetic blend or conventional oil. Our service technicians will be able to find the right product not only for your vehicle but for the conditions it will be in. For example, thicker oil is used for warmer weather since heat tends to make it thin.

Does INFINITI Require Synthetic Oil?

Yes. All late-model INFINITI vehicles do. We use genuine INFINITI oil, with a premium INFINITI oil filter at every service. Synthetic oil is produced in the lab and runs cooler, lasts longer, and has better cleaning abilities than conventional oil.

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