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Infusing the desired elements of a complete vehicle poses a tall task for engineers. Those on the market looking for a new vehicle to purchase often wish for a useful set of versatility features but also a sense of luxury and elegance. With the intent of providing a vehicle that encompasses these and more, INFINITI has carefully crafted the new INFINITI QX60. The QX60 provides owners with a luxury crossover vehicle that serves as an ideal blend of highly capable features, an impressive and powerful look, and an interior that sets the standard of excellence. Drivers may choose their INFINITI QX60 Near Lakes Charles from INFINITI of Lafayette.

Of the many perks of driving the new and improved INFINITI QX60, drivers are aided throughout their whole driving experience with a host of safety features that keep you relaxed and safe. For many drivers, parking can be a daily struggle that causes issues. Inability to see everything around the vehicle leads to dings and scratches that take away from the beauty of a car. To help owners of this vehicle avoid that, INFINITI has utilized the first ever Around View Monitor. This monitor has 4 cameras installed around the vehicle that work together to give the driver a 360 degree view of the surrounding area. Furthermore, this system has enhanced the system with the Moving Object Detection Alert. If something enters into the view of the cameras, the driver will be alerted so they cannot miss anything. Accidents also occur frequently when drivers are moving the car in reverse. With Backup Collision Intervention, the driver will be alerted both visually and audibly if something has gone behind the vehicle. The brakes will even be applied automatically if necessary. The Blind Spot Warning and Blind Spot Intervention systems help owners stay safe out on the open rides. Anytime a vehicle has entered into the blind spot, the driver will be notified. If the driver is moving along and the vehicle gradually begins to shift into a neighboring lane due to high wind or poor road conditions, the system will shift the vehicle back into its own lane. The Forward Emergency Braking system has been designed to help avoid accidents with both pedestrians and cars. The sensors on the front of the vehicle can detect either cars or pedestrians and instantly apply the brakes for the driver if a collision is imminent.


The designers of the new model designed the interior to suit all the needs of the owner. In all 3 of the cushioned rows, those inside may have a beautiful view of the sky above through the expansive panoramic sunroof. Across the 3 rows of seats, the interior opens up to hold 7 people for any voyage in the vehicle. While some trips call for more people, others call for more space. The second and third rows may be folded down to form an almost flat surface for any adventure ahead. To allow passengers access to the spacious third row, the second row may quickly and easily be slid and tilted to allow instant access; even when a child car seat occupies one of the middle seats. Families may stay happy with available 8 inch display monitors in the headrests as well as available Bose Cabin Surround to enjoy listening to anything.


Drivers love the quality, style, and performance that INFINITI strives to put in every INFINITI model. INFINITI is one of the most trusted car manufacturers on the road today and has many satisfied customers that stay with INFINITI for a lifetime. Drivers who are ready to drive away in their INFINITI should head over to INFINITI of Lafayette for their INFINITI QX60 Near Lake Charles. Head over and choose your INFINITI model today!

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