How and Why to Trade In at the Dealer

December 6th, 2021 by

When you’re looking to purchase or lease a new or pre-owned INFINITI, one consideration you’ll face is what to do with your current car. Should you sell it on your own, or trade it into the dealer? While many may believe that they can sell it themselves on the open market and get a higher price, the fact of the matter is that there are many factors at play.

Remember, selling cars is hard to do. You have to notify buyers on the market, find interested parties, figure out who is trustworthy, and more. In contrast, when you trade with a reputable dealership like INFINITI of Lafayette, we take care of many of those problems for you. In fact, the best way to trade in a car is to work with a trusted source.

Trade In at the Dealer INFINITI of Lafayette

Here are some tips for trading in your vehicle safely and effectively.

You’ll save on sales tax with a trade-in

When you sell your car yourself, you’ll need to pay sales tax; when you trade it in, to a dealer, you don’t. For example, if your trade is worth $10,000 and sales tax is 9% (which is less than the total Lafayette sales tax rate), the net realized value of your vehicle is $10,900. That means that on the open market, you’ll need to sell that same car for at least $10,900 to realize the same value as trading it in.

There are several “authorities” on used car values

While it may be tempting to simply refer to an authority, such as Blue Book, Black Book, NADA, Edmunds, or CARFAX®, each of these can differ by thousands of dollars on the same vehicle! The reason why is that all of these are actually just guides, which make their best guess as to what a car may be worth based on historical and regional data, demand, and other variables.

While it’s always good to see an approximate value before selling or trading, remember that at the end of the day, a car’s value is based on condition, service history, and supply and demand for that model.

Prepare your car for trade-in

Once you’ve decided to trade in your current car, make sure to fully clean and detail it before you bring it in. You’ll only have one chance to make a first impression with the appraiser, who’ll look not only at the outside and under the hood but at the condition of the interior. A sticky steering wheel or dirty carpet will suggest mechanical neglect as well.

You should also bring the complete service and maintenance history of your car, and if it’s been involved in an accident or had repairs, bring an invoice to take the guesswork out of its cost. If you have warranty paperwork, definitely bring that!

Know your existing loan information

Finally, if you’re still paying off your trade-in, know how much you owe and to whom. Forgetting those details is a sure way to delay getting value for your trade-in.

We’ll Buy Your Trade-In at INFINITI of Lafayette!

Used vehicles are in extremely high demand in this market. If you’ve got one that you’ve properly cared for, follow these tips to secure your upgrade from INFINITI of Lafayette. We have a wide selection of new and used INFINITIs for you to choose from, and our trade-in tool will help you see a ballpark of what you can afford before you even come in. Come value your trade today!