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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety offers consumers a very important service to determine the safest vehicle. In order to be a top safety pick, a vehicle must rate well in five different categories of damage during a crash. The agency measures crash worthiness of the small overlap front, moderate overlap front, side, roof strength, and head restraints and seats. All of their results are available to view before you make your selection and help you decide. The QX60 received positive ratings in all of the categories mentioned above and topped it off with a superior rating in front crash prevention, proving without a doubt the INFINITI QX60 is a 5 star overall top IIHS safety pick. Purchase one of the safest vehicles on the road at INFINITI of Lafayette!

IIHS Safety Test

The testing of the small overlap front investigates the possible damage to the driver during a frontal collision on the left side of the vehicle. The IIHS uses test dummies to gauge driver and passenger damage during an accident. During this testing the driver sustained very minimal damage. The front and side airbags kept the dummy from coming into contact with any outside or stiff objects. The survival space of the driver was well protected, and the dummy did not receive any damage to its legs or feet. The overall rating given to the small overlap front test was positive.


The test including the moderate overlap front is designed to calculate driver or passenger injury on a frontal collision. In two separate tests driver injury possibility was very minimal and once again the front and side airbags provided the protection. The IIHS measures impact on all different parts of the body to generate their safety rating. For this second test the overall rating was again positive.


The side test conducted by the IIHS determines possible injury to driver and passenger from both sides of the vehicle. When it comes to injury measures both the driver and passenger showed very minimal signs of significant injury during a crash. Head protection of both the driver and passenger were fantastic, as both were protected from an airbag that deployed from the roof. Going three for three the side impact rating was once again positive.


The test of the roof strength differs slightly from collision tests. A metal plate is slowly pushed against one side of the roof. The strength delivered is compared to the weight of the vehicle. The roof of the vehicle must resist a push of four times the vehicle’s weight before the roof is crushed in by five inches. And for the fourth time, the QX60 passed the test, gaining a positive rating from IIHS.


The fifth and final test of the QX60 was nothing but stellar. All of the dimensions of head restraints exceeded all safety expectations and seats were perfectly positioned to minimize driver and passenger injuries during a collision. Going a perfect five for five, the INFINITI QX60 has passed all of the requirements. It still had one more to go.


After surpassing the five initial safety tests, IIHS require one more for a vehicle to be labeled a top safety pick. The ability of the vehicle to prevent front crash prevention sets it apart from the competition. Granted the highest honor of a superior rating, this is the final proof that the INFINITI 2017 QX60 is a 5 star overall top IIHS safety pick.


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